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Techprime A

Ensure a strong bond for your CustomTech floor installation by priming either porous or non-porous surfaces before underlayment installation. Applying an appropriate primer will improve the bond of the leveling system, creating a more uniform and durable installation. CustomTech presents three different primer options to meet the needs of most any project.

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Techlevel 150

Technologically superior levelers are now available. CustomTech self-leveling underlayments add strength, durability and an even surface to the floor to provide a superior surface for the application of floor coverings. They seek their own level in minutes and set quickly, adding extra support and high compressive strength to residential and commercial installations.

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Moisture Control

Techmvc Part A

Uncontrolled moisture can cause cracks, crumbling and weakened bonds between the substrate and floor coverings. Protect the integrity of the installation by controlling the rate of moisture vapor transmission with CustomTech moisture remediation products. Transmission rates are reduced to less than three pounds, and the subfloor can be primer-ready in as little as five hours.

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Rough, damaged or uneven subfloors call for the use of CustomTech patching products for durable floor covering support. Patch over concrete, plywood, existing tile and other surfaces for even, quick-setting results from feather edge to 2". These patching products help to eliminate bond failure, crumbling and mildew in the substrate, which will increase the durability and longevity of the installation.

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Material Coverage Chart

Use our convenient surface preparation material coverage chart as a reference to determine how much product you need for your project.

  • Primers
  • Moisture Control
  • Levelers
  • Patching compounds

Please consult each product's technical data sheet for more comprehensive information.

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Architectural Submittal Package

CUSTOM offers a variety of documents to assist architects and specifiers.

CSI 3-Part Specs:

Hydraulic Cement Underlayment 03 54 16 - Download

Moisture Vapor Emission Control 07 26 19 - Download

You can also request additional specifications, details, installation methods and CAD drawings for your installation.

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Platinum Advisors

Our council of Platinum Advisors are a select group of industry-leading floor preparation specialists who serve as ambassadors to the CustomTech brand.

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